Alpha is
an Agricultural Packing Exporting

company Established in 1994 ,
Alpha is Growing vegetables with high standard of organic food

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Alpha is an Agricultural company Established in 1994 producing and export Fresh vegetables & Fruit with high standard of pack and quality Controls

Packing House:

The quality of a product is closely linked to the organization at its production site.
To improve productivity and product quality, Alpha has developed its own production system that focuses on high quality products ,selected with special care regarding hygiene , food safety and social responsibility.

Alpha is accredited with Europe Gab , BRC Organic Certifications We are also approved by the UN peace troops (MFO) as a sanitarily approved food establishment and strictly comply with all Egyptian quality standers.

Alpha is Grow vegetables with high standard of organic food we are responsible for everything that has to do with its products from seeds grow to packing and export

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With high standard of pack , quality and good taste.


TESCO - Nurture (Bronze; certificate of conformity)
ACERTA - Certification
Global safety for food safety
Global G.A.P


Do you want to import Beans. Mong tout. Gallia Melon. Spring onion. Pepper(capsicum ). Garlic. Grapes. Chilies. Artichoke. Strawbery...

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